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Cleaners neeed
Ofertă | 2018-04-02, 8:35 PM
Relocabroad LTD is looking for cleaners for service apartments in Central London, Covent Garden area, Zone 1. You work 5 days a week including weekends, 2 days off. £7.83 per hour, minimum 6 hours per day; over time available. You work as an employee and have 20 working days paid holiday per year + bank holidays. No experience needed. You should have NINo and bank account. For more info and questions send an email to darinakozhuharova@relocabroad.com or text (please don't call) 07930970241
Persoană de contact: Darina Kozhuharova E | Telefon: 07930970241
Vizualizări: 25 | Valabil până la: 2018-05-02
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